Monday, February 2, 2009

22 Days Of No Running

I am riding the bike again. It's not the same. It's NOT RUNNING! People say at least you have that... Oh yea - I have that. It sucks when compared to running but it is something that I can do to get a good hurt on!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm Broken Again

I'll start posting the story and the recovery tomorrow. Taking a mental health day.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rode the bike - Rest Day From Running

Today I did my 43 mile ride with lots of hill work. I did not run and I missed it. I know I have only been running 10 minutes but I still missed it. Tomorrow I'll do the glider and the elliptical at the gym, lift, do my core work in the morning and run 12 minutes in the hot afternoon at Bunker Park!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 3 Of Running

Today was the third day of running. I was approved to do 10 minutes on Monday but I did only 7. Yesterday, I did 9 and today 11. With that said I am right where the doctor wanted me to be. Running on a very soft surface. Running without pain. Running with a slow build-up in time/miles. I am going to rest it tomorrow and do my normal Thursday ride - 5 X 3.7 mile hill repeats followed by a quick 25 miler with power jumps, total miles 43. I am resting (the run) not because I need to (no pain, discomfort, tightness or the like) but because it is the right thing to do. Three days in a row after 66 days off is (I think) a lot. I am trying to be smart. Plus, I am still trying to keep the cycling going because it balances out my lags. They are now 1 inch bigger that when I got injured and much stronger and most important they are equal in size and strength!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Running Is Back

Here is some video I shot at my first run back. It was 66 days since I last ran and I think you can see how happy I am. I have also changes the counter at the top to start counting days I have been back running. I will also start to document different info on the right side of the blog also.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

1 Day to go!

I get to run for the first time tomorrow.

I get to run a big 10 minutes on the soft track at Bunker Park. More on my run once it happens.

Also, I managed to get 304 miles of riding in this week. I got stopped by the NHP on 95 outside of Boulder City. We were doing the lake loop and were on our way back in to Henderson when she stopped us and gave us a "talking to!"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's Going On???

The past 2-3 weeks have been tough. I have been riding 250-300 miles per week on the bike. It's not running but it's something.

Recently, I was cleared to run. Yes, that's correct. I can run on Monday July 21st. It will still be considered rehab until I can run pain free, have normal bio mechanics, and get my run time up to 30 minutes. Once I am at that level I can resume a normal return to building up my base miles again. This should take 3-4 weeks to get up to 30-40 minutes of running. I have to run the first two weeks on dirt (Sunset Park) or grass. Then I am able to move (or stay on dirt) to a track (Green Valley High School) and after a few weeks doing that I can resume road running.

So, now the question is
1. Will it hurt to run?
2. Can I run the full 10 minutes (first run time limit) without feeling like an out of shape slug?

The bigger questions and to do's are:
1. What must I change in my training to make sure this doesn't happen again?
2. What mentally do I have to fix (in my head) so this doesn't happen again?
3. I need to review my training log for the past 18 months to find what are the key, must have workouts and find out where the crap miles are.
4. Put a plan together for a solid build up and a plan for the next 2 months (after rehab running is over) to get my feet back under me.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time is moving soooo slow & Biking is no running!

Time is moving so slow. It does that when you are injured ad can't run. Nothing takes the place of running, nothing!!!

I have been cycling... But it's not the same. Running is running and cycling is a world from it. However, for now it will have to do. This week I have worked my way up to 250 mile per week of cycling. I am lifting-mainly doing rehab work at the gym three days a week. In short, I feel as if I am doing something.

On another note. I am approaching 30 days, one whole month with no running. Enough said!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Last week I was told I could ride my bike. My EMG was negative and showed no nerve damage. That means I am ok with the nerves. However, It does mean I sever atrophy to my left leg.

This was a signal to the DR and the PT that some exercise (of course without pain) was going to be in order and beneficial. So, off I go riding my bike. More on these adventures later.

I am now approaching 1 month since the pain and the loss of doing tons of normal daily things. It sounds good that I can ride my bike. However, I still cannot stand on one leg, get dressed by myself, walk up stairs or downstairs, bend over and pick up anything.

I am off the pain pills and can move now without wanting to cry. Tomorrow I fill you in on my bike adventures and more on the healing.

Monday, June 16, 2008

EMG Tomorrow, Maybe Permanent Nerve Damage

My visit today with the doctor was not good!

They think they have discovered nerve damage in my left (VOM) Vastus medialis. With this in mind an EMG is going to be conducted on Tuesday. Be sure and check out this procedure. Running pain is going to be nothing compared to needles inserted into the muscles in question and then electric impulses sent to the needles - in a sense shocking the hell out of me.

So tonight I wait for this test not with worry, because a cowardly man dies a thousand deaths a courageous man only one! So why worry? It does me no good. I still have to have it done. I do however wait for this test to be done so in a few days I will know if I have permanent nerve damage or severe muscle atrophy. In this case severe muscle atrophy is a great thing. More tomorrow after the test.

No pain pill tonight - I'm taking two before the test tomorrow. Man will I be messed up! Don't worry Steph is driving me and I won't be working the floor at the store doing fittings either.